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About Us

Charlotte Septic Contractors has been the source of quality septic and sewer line services in the city for many years and attribute our success to the level of dedication we bring to every property we provide delivery for. Whether you’re looking for an initial septic installation or septic system repair, making the choice to call into the offices of Charlotte Septic Contractors will provide you with the capability to quickly and easily book the services required and to deliver the best in results. When looking for reliability, you can always count on the experience that our professionals provide.


Depending on the location and circumstances of your property, a septic tank installation can be a vital part of your property. When looking for quality services that have the capability to provide you with the installation and inspection services you need to start off on the right foot, turning to Charlotte Septic Contractors will provide you with the best in the Charlotte, NC area at an affordable price.

Our Services

We bring the widest range of services to the Charlotte, NC area in order to ensure that you have professionals at the ready no matter your current needs. From initial installation to septic tank pumping and cleaning services, you can depend on our experts to be there for you no matter the current status of your septic system. We deliver quality in every aspect of our services, bringing you a professional you can count on from the moment we pick up the phone until our services are fully carried out within your property.

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Knowing the status of your septic system is important and when looking for an experienced professional to provide you with the septic inspection you need in order to get that information, turning to experience and capability will deliver results. Whether you feel your septic tank may be suffering from damages or are looking to get up to the minute information before or after a sale, you can count on Charlotte Septic Contractors.

Charlotte Septic Contractors provides you with the full range of installation services you need in the Charlotte area. Whether replacing a damaged tank or looking for a new septic tank installation for a recent construction, you can depend on our experts to provide you with the wealth of choice needed to have the perfect tank put in place and the experienced delivery necessary to have a dependable installation brought to your property.

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We provide you with reliable septic tank pumping, cesspool cleaning and all manner of tidying services that will have your septic system brought back to a level of cleanliness and clarity that you enjoyed upon initial installation. Whatever the current status of your septic system, turning to the experience that our professionals provide will bring you the means to schedule around your needs and to ensure that you get quick and affordable pumping and cleaning services delivered.

Bringing scheduled septic maintenance services to your property will provide you with a system that you can rely on year-round. With dependable visitation from our professionals, you have the capability to know that your septic system is in the best condition at all times. Whether providing you with the routine schedule you need, or in delivering minor repairs upon visitation, you can be sure that our experts are always hard at work for you.

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Finding yourself in need of septic tank repair can cause interruptions in your utility of your entire sewer line and when looking for results you can count on, making the choice to call the experienced professionals at Charlotte Septic Contractors will ensure that you get fast and effective delivery. Whatever the damages in question, you can depend on the expertise that we provide to give you the immediate response and effective results you need.

Not only do we bring septic tank treatment to the Charlotte, NC area but also provide you with the full range of sewer line repair and replacement options needed to keep the entirety of your septic system working to its full potential. Whether providing you the means to properly connect your sewer line to your septic system, fixing broken or rusted pipes or otherwise, choosing Charlotte Septic Contractors will bring you the quality results you’ve been looking for.

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Contact Us For More Information

We believe that the first moment of contact is our opportunity to make a statement regarding the services we bring to the city. When you reach out to our offices for information, you can count on immediate response and direct contact that does away with the barriers to communication such as answering services or otherwise. We aim to have each of our clients feel as though their choice in our company is appreciated and demonstrate that level of care by bringing you the easiest and most accessible means of getting the results you need. When quality is on your mind, choosing Charlotte Septic Contractors is the fastest means to obtain it.

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“I came across Charlotte Septic Contractors when looking for septic pumping services near me. They were quick to answer the phone, had the visit booked in no time and the service itself was fast and affordable. Not much else I can say, great service all around.” – Kevin G.

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“Charlotte Septic Contractors is the only company I trust with my septic tank maintenance. They were the company that installed it, they have provided repairs over the years and I trust them to provide me with accurate information at the end of each maintenance session.” – Lisa R.

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“When I purchased my home, replacing the current septic system was one of the first tasks I had on my mind. After some searching, I came across Charlotte Septic Contractors and gave them a call. They provided a full range of options to choose from and the services delivered were just what I was looking for.” – Michael W.