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If you’re looking for a one-stop solution for your septic and sewer systems, you’re in the right place. Call on Charlotte Septic Contractors Statesville, NC for anything you might need in this regard.

We offer every service from simple inspections to a brand-new install. We’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured and work with a team of seasoned professionals.

Our Services

Call on us when you need a new septic tank or sewer line installed. We’ve got the industry contacts to get you the best deal on the best quality products.

We’ll also be there for you when the septic tank is full. We’ll remove the waste sanitarily and dispose of it correctly for you.

These systems are relatively simple, but when something serious goes wrong, you’ll know all about it. We’ll diagnose what’s causing the issue and fix it. We’ll then do a thorough inspection of the line to ensure there are no more trouble spots.

Our inspection service is another option to keep your system in top working order. We recommend an inspection every year or two. These inspections can help to identify problems in their early stages. This can save you many expenses later on.

About Statesville, NC

This is the official seat of Iredell County. The town dates back to 1789 and has a love of its history. You’ll find some impressive historical sites here.

Visit the site of Fort Dobbs about two miles out of town. It’s a relatively small site but served as an important frontier fort in its day.

It’s hard to miss the County Courthouse in town. It was built in 1891 and features the red brick that was popular at the time. The clean and elegant lines, in conjunction with the red brick, make this building a unique part of the town’s history.

If you want to get away from civilization, the Bigleaf Slopes Park is a good place to start. The trail itself is about three and a half miles long, so it’s relatively short. But with the way it twists and winds, you could complete a few circuits without getting bored.

Statesville, NC is located approx. 1 h 1 min (58.3 miles) from Charlotte Septic Contractors via I-77 N.

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