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Is there anything worse than having your sewage back up on you? A septic tank that is getting full can lead to a rather unpleasant and unsanitary situation in the home. When that happens, you need Charlotte Septic Contractors Stallings, NC.

In addition to our septic tank drainage service, we also offer a range of other services:

  • Installation of septic tanks and sewer lines
  • Inspection, maintenance, and repair of septic tanks and sewer lines
  • Disposal of sewerage

We’ve kept things simple by focusing on septic tanks and sewer lines. This allows us to offer top-notch service. We work with a highly experienced team that is committed to always doing the best job possible.

We work with the best suppliers so that you get the best quality parts at great prices. We’re licensed, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind. Finally, we’re committed to giving you a great experience.

That means:

  • Always being on time
  • Offering accurate estimates and never padding the bill
  • Charging the most affordable rates in town
  • Doing the job correctly the first time
  • Always being thorough
  • Working as neatly and tidily as possible

About Stallings, NC

This may be a small town, but the locals like having fun. Pick just about any time of the year, and you’re bound to find some kind of celebration or music festival on the go.

The original founder of the town, Matthew Thomas Stallings, started a tradition of the annual town picnic. It’s a tradition that’s still upheld to this day, albeit at a slightly cooler time of the year.

The Easter Egg hunt is another big event on the town’s social calendar. If you can swing by with your kids, you’ll all have a lot of fun.

From a historical standpoint, the town has some interesting buildings. The old gristmill at Stevens Mill makes for an interesting photo opportunity. Have a look around, and you’ll find what remains of a mill built in the same area in 1826.

Overall, though, what’s most interesting about this area is that many of these gristmills date back to the 1700s.

It takes about 15 min (10.0 miles) to get to Stallings, NC from Charlotte Septic Contractors via I-485 Outer.

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