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At Charlotte Septic Contractors Salisbury, NC, we offer excellent services at an affordable rate. We pride ourselves in always offering our clients the best value for the money. Our team is highly skilled and highly committed to excellent service.

We’re bonded, insured, and licensed. Give us a call today, and experience our service difference for yourself.

Our Services

Need a new septic system installed? We’ve negotiated with top suppliers to get our materials at a discounted rate. That’s why we can offer you such a great deal.

Over time, the tank will fill. Call us in to drain it for you. We’ll get the sewage out and get rid of it safely.

Over time, the system is going to need repairs. Give us a call, and we’ll make sure that the problem is fixed as fast as possible.

Another service that we offer is an inspection service. These are a good idea when you’re considering buying a property. Your property is a big investment. You want to make sure that your property has no serious problems. It’s always wise to check the:

  • Sewage systems: The need for repairs is not always immediately apparent. A thorough check is essential. We’re happy to assist with these inspections.
  • Electrical systems: Again, a serious electrical fault could mean expensive repairs later on.
  • Property for bugs: This is not a service that we offer. But it’s important to have this done. Termite damage, in particular, is difficult to detect until it’s far advanced.

Of course, it’s also a good idea to have these inspections conducted every couple of years. This makes it possible to pick up problems early on. The sooner the issues are detected, the better.

About Salisbury, NC

Founded in 1753, this is the seat of Rowan County. It’s a town that is proud of its history. You can see that in how it preserves its old buildings. There are fifteen historic districts in total.

Be sure to visit the Doctor Josephus Hall House. Though it dates back to before the civil war, this home has been lovingly restored. It still features a lot of the original furniture and features. The lacework on the front is especially striking.

Dan Nicholas Park offers a great place to relax in nature. It’s got:

  • Well-maintained campgrounds
  • Mini golf
  • A train
  • A carousel
  • Paddle boats
  • Duck feeding
  • Animal adventures

Salisbury NC is about a 1 h (59.6 mile) drive from Charlotte Septic Contractors via I-485 Outer and I-85 N.

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