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Your sewage system is an integral part of your family’s safety. There’s nothing pleasant or safe about sewage backing up. That’s why we’re here. Call Charlotte Septic Contractors Midland, NC, and we’ll have your sewage system back on track in no time.

We offer a full range of services, so keep our number on hand for any issues you may have.

We can assist with the installation of a new system. We work with only the most reliable suppliers to ensure that you get a high-quality install. That way, the tank has a long lifespan. Whether you need a tank or sewer line installed, we can assist.

We’ll also come out for a routine maintenance inspection. These can be useful because it allows you to fix little problems before they cause big issues.

Every now and again, the tank is going to need to be emptied. We’ll send out a truck to dispose of the sewage safely.

Over time, the system will need some repairs. When that happens, give us a call. We’ll get the system back up and running as fast as possible.

Contacting us is easy. Access our simple contact form by pressing the button on this page. Or, if you prefer, pick up your phone and give us a call. We’re standing by.

About Midland, NC

This town was founded in 1913, so it’s not the oldest town in America. That said, there are still historical buildings of interest to see.

The Robert Harvey Morrison Farm and Pioneer Gold Mines give a taste of life back then. It was brutal to go down into the earth to extract the gold. There’s also a stark contrast between the life the miners led and the lives the company owners lived.

The next point of interest is the Bethel Church Arbor. Unlike a lot of the metalwork of the day, this arbor was built with simple elegance. The sheen of the roof lends an almost magical aura to the place.

What’s even more amazing is that it was built in 1838 for the same purpose it’s used for today. The Methodist Church had it erected and still holds meetings and camps there.

Midland, NC is approx. 30 min (25.2 miles) from Charlotte Septic Contractors if you’re driving via I-485 Outer.

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