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If you need help with your septic system, call Charlotte Septic Contractors Kannapolis, NC. We offer a full range of professional septic services at affordable rates. We can assist you along every stage of your septic system’s life cycle.

Our Services

Need a new septic tank? We’ll get you a great deal on high-quality materials. Then we’ll install it strictly under North Carolina building codes.

If your system isn’t draining like normal, or the sewage is backing up, call us. It could simply be that the septic tank is full. If so, we’ll drain it for you and dispose of the sewage.

It could also be the result of a broken pipe. Or, it could indicate that the system needs to be replaced. Whatever the case, we’ll find the most cost-effective solution for you.

Another service we offer is an inspection of the whole system. We recommend that you have this done when making an offer on a new house. We also recommend that you make this part of your annual home inspection.

By conducting a thorough inspection regularly, you’ve got a chance of heading off serious problems. The sooner issues are dealt with, the easier and cheaper they are to fix.

Give us a call today and get your septic system fit again.

About Kannapolis, NC

In the South, we have some creative town names. This one has to make the top ten, though. “Kanna” in Greek means “looms” and “Polis” means city. But don’t be fooled – that’s got nothing to do with how the name was chosen.

Kannapolis was originally built as a company town by a company called Cannon Mills. The name was first suggested by the workers as a play on the company name. In time, the “C” was replaced with a “K.” That it actually means something in Greek is a coincidence.

The North Carolina Research Campus is one of the town’s claims to fame. It’s a much-respected center for academic research.

Architecturally, there are some gems here. Meek House was built in the thirties, the 1830s, that is. It’s got clean lines and classic good looks.

The Harvey Jeremiah Peel House is about a century newer and also has a beautiful style.

Kannapolis NC is about 46 min (43.6 miles) from Charlotte Septic Contractors via I-485 Outer.

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