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When something’s wrong with your sewer system, you want it fixed fast. It’s not only an inconvenience but a real health hazard. Call Charlotte Septic Contractors Cornelius, NC immediately and we’ll get the problem fixed quickly.

As the best in the business, we’re confident that there’s no sewerage issue we can’t deal with. We’ve got a highly experienced, professional team who are ready to assist. We offer a full range of services from simple checks to new installs.

Our Services

We offer:

  • The installation of new sewer lines and septic tanks
  • The maintenance and cleaning of septic tanks
  • Inspections
  • Proper disposal of the waste
  • Repairs to the systems and tanks

About Cornelius, NC

If you’re looking for a relaxing lakeside adventure, Jetton Park is a great place to stop. It’s situated on the shores of Norman Lake. You can choose to enjoy time in the water or explore one of the trails. Most are paved.

Pack your tennis racquet; there are courts here. And bring a picnic lunch.

Don’t forget to visit Robbins Park and see why it’s nicknamed Tree Trunk Park. It’s an excellent spot for your kids to work out their energy. It’s got some exciting playground equipment and also features several quirky statues.

If you want to wet your whistle, visit the Ass Clown Brewing Company. Even if you don’t drink beer, the eccentric nature of the owners makes for some interesting product names. If ever there was an Instagram-worthy moment, it’ll be found here.

For a step back into a different era, head off to Potts Plantation. It was initially started back in 1811 with a simple building. Over the years, the owners have added onto it. The buildings feature many different styles, highlighting the changes in design over the last two centuries.

If you’re in town, you owe it to yourself to see Potts Plantation. Initially started in 1811, the complex eventually burgeoned to a total of eleven buildings. The buildings are an eclectic mixture of styles and well worth a visit.

Cornelius, NC is a 40 min (36.7 mile) drive from Charlotte Septic Contractors via I-77 N.

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