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Septic Contractors Blakeney
Charlotte, NC

Septic system service - Let us check your septic tank

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Has your septic tank been on your mind lately? Probably not, unless it's been acting up. These systems are efficient, and so they don't seem to need any maintenance. What few people realize, though, is that a little proactive action can save a lot of problems later.
Speak to us about our septic system service. We’ll come out and give an honest assessment of your septic tank system. There’s a lot of action under the “hood.” Unfortunately, the first sign of trouble is often a failure of the system.
Prevent nasty surprises by getting us to inspect the system once a year or so.

Home inspector - Call us for all your Septic Inspections

Septic Inspection - We provide ease of mind when selling or buying

  • Providing top quality maintenance for your home at an affordable price.
  • Our free estimates let you know the cost upfront.
  • Highly rated residential and commercial services.
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Buying a new home is a big step. On the one hand, you're excited about the fresh start. On the other, there's the fear of the unknown. Not knowing what you're getting into is the stem of part of the nervousness.
Is the place really in great shape, or did they slap on a coat of paint to hide the flaws? How do you assess the systems that aren't on display? Things like the septic system, for example. We've got the solution – our inspection system.
You might wonder if the extra cost is worth it. Let’s put it this way. Imagine settling in and then finding out that the septic system is about to collapse? You might think that you have recourse against the buyer, but that’s a tough one to prove.
It’s far safer to get an expert opinion before you commit to the purchase. What many of our clients do is make an offer subject to the electrical, pest, and septic inspection reports. They choose to do this to prevent making expensive mistakes that might cost ten times as much to repair.
You might even find that the seller has already had us out. More and more sellers are opting to have these inspections done. A clear and inspected system is a selling point that could add value to the house.
You might worry that we'll find serious problems. There is a risk of that. But knowing upfront, you can prepare yourself. Maybe you knock a few thousand off the asking price. It's far better than the buyer finding and feeling conned or looking elsewhere.
It's also going to stop them from making a ridiculously low offer. The purchaser is bound to exaggerate the extent of the problem in their mind. In this case, knowledge is power.

Contractor - Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

Septic Installation - Request a free quote

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If you need a new system installed, we’re the firm to handle it. Where you place the tank, and the drainage field is critical. Get the angles, depth, and so wrong, and the system won’t drain properly. That means digging it up in a few years.
Save yourself the bother by dealing with Charlotte’s top installation experts.

Pumping Equipment and Service - Make sure your equipment is functioning properly

Septic Tank Pumping & Cleaning - Call to schedule with our expert team!

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A typical septic tank will fill up in about three to five years. It's not a big deal; all you do is call us in. We'll come in, drain the tank, clean it out, and then get rid of the waste. It's that simple.

Excavating Contractor - Get A Free Quote From The Best Team!

Septic Tank Maintenance - Extend The Life Of Your System

  • Insured, or not, our trusted professionals will provide top of the line sewer services in Blakeney & nearby areas.
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Small parts don’t seem all that important. The system can still function without them. The problem is that it works harder. Your equipment’s lifespan shortens as a result. So, over the long-term, it’s better to replace those worn little parts sooner rather than later.

Repair Service - Contact Us At The First Sign Of Malfunction

Septic Tank Repair - Home Of The Best Repair Protocol

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Septic tanks are simple. There aren't a lot of moving parts to break down. But, over time, wear and tear take its toll. The tank might become damaged or start wearing through the hull. When this damage begins, there are few, if any, noticeable signs.
That's one of the things that make these problems hard to pin down. We've got a highly skilled and experienced team. We've perfected our diagnosis and repair protocol to a fine art. We'll home in on the problem and give you the best possible solution.

Drainage Service - Call For Quality Repair & Replacement Services

Sewer Line Repair & Replacement - Schedule Your Upcoming Service With The Experts

  • We are licensed, bonded, and insured to complete residential and commercial sewer services.
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Got a sewer line rather than a septic tank? We've got you covered here too. Call us if you need your sewer line repaired or replaced.

About the Blakeney Neighborhood in Charlotte, NC

Blakeney is a smaller neighborhood with bigger yards and nice-looking homes. There are many good-quality schools in the surrounding area, and there are some excellent smaller malls. The nightlife leaves a lot to be desired, but you don't have to travel far if you miss the big city buzz.
The area is popular with families and offers a taste of a small-town environment a short drive away from Charlotte's most bustling areas.

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